Chilliwack Music and Dance Festival


were cancelled in 2020 due to COVID RESTICTIONS

The Chilliwack Lions Club Music & Dance Festival are pleased to announce and congratulate our





Jackson Howard (Senior) Classical Winner 

Kurtis Medwenitsch (Junior) Honourable Mention

Madison Brecht (Junior A)/Brooklyn Gerber (Junior B)

  Kassy Koutorjevski (Intermediate) Canadian Honourable Mention
  Samantha Sterkenberg (Senior) Canadian Winner
Strings: Jonah Kassel (Junior A) Classical Runner-up and Honourable Mention Junior Canadian 

Sanne Heaven (Junior B) 

Kai Chow (Intermediate) Classical Winner



Solchan Kim (Senior) Classical Winner and Canadian Music Winner 





Amélie Robertson (Musical Theater Junior) 

Emily Hallam (Musical Theater Senior)

Bethany Caldwell (Musical Theater National) Provincial Winner, Honourable Mention National Vocal Variety

  Nia’druan Schoeffel (Junior Classical) Runner-up Junior Vocal Variety 

Madalyn Clempson (Intermediate Classical)

Vocal cont’d 




Anna-Marie Ryan (Senior Classical) Classical Runner-up

Chestnut String Quartet (Junior) Honourable Mention

Trio Muvészeti (National) Winner and Runner-up Canadian Music

Ballet: Alicia Hinojosa (Junior) Runner-up 
  Nicole Parry Souza (Intermediate) Honourable Mention
  Madelena Klein (Senior) Runner-up


Madelyn Cavasin (Junior) Runner-up 

Brianna Lannard-Ghini (Intermediate)

  Shona Kiyama (Senior) Runner-up
Stage Dance: Momona Tamada  (Junior) Honourable Mention
  Alexa Anglehart & Natasha Taylor (Intermediate) 
  Marlowe Zimmerman (Senior) Runner-up

Very Important Volunteer Help Needed in a big way!

We Urgently need 2 Dance Co-ordinators; 1 for Acro, Tap, Stage and Song & Dance and also 1 for Ballet and Modern. Also needed for Music is 1 Vocal Co-ordinator. Small per diem honourarium is available!!!


For more Info. Contact Lesley Ward #604-799-0821 or [email protected] or Contact Laurie Hirschman @ 604-858-3147 or [email protected]


We also need 1 or two people to assist with Registrations. Small honourarium also available for this assistance. For more info. Contact Laurie Hirschman @ 604-858-3147 or [email protected]

Interested in helping in other ways?

Are you interested in supporting our music & dance students? We need you! A festival this size needs lots of volunteers from selling tickets, taking tickets at the door, working backstage with organizing the dancers, writing for our adjudicators, to assisting in set-up and take down at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre! If you can help in any way, please contact Delia Davies at 604-795-4780 or [email protected]