Chilliwack Music and Dance Festival



                                    Through the Generosity of Evensong Chamber Singers a $200.00 Bursary                                   
for the Best Performance of a sacred choral work for traditional classical choral composition.

Teacher/Studio Data Sheets and cheques may be mailed to 

CMDF, C/O 48185 Ryder Lake Road, Chilliwack, B.C.  V4Z 1E3


JANUARY 10th to 23rd, 2023


band contact:  Shane Monkman email:  [email protected]  

choir contact:  Kristoffer Werner email: [email protected] 

For Current 2024

Dance, Piano, Voice, Strings, and Woodwinds/Brass/Percussion Adjudicators please check under ADJUDICATORS.

URGENT REQUEST for Dance, Vocal and String Coordinators and other adult Volunteers who have vaccine passports as these might be required for entry into the Chilliwack Cultural Centre.

We Welcome a key Volunteer, Allison Frost, as Dance Registrar who will handle the on-line registration and other dance components for the Festival.  Our former assistant to the Registrar, Tabea Hall, will now be the Music Registrar.  Laurie Hirschman will remain available to help Allison and Tabea take on these positions.  And we are just confirming a New Vocal Coordinator and will announce their name shortly.

Also required is a Dance Coordinator.

If you know of anyone with dance competition knowledge be they parent, former parent or student or teacher who could possibly take on this position, please let me know immediately.  

The following would be ideal:

It would be best if it was 3 people as then the load is lighter all around and then there is always a backup for possible switching if required

Division would be            Ballet/Modern  7 days

Days are approx.            Jazz  8 days

                                       Stage, Tap, S & D, Acro, and Street 6 days

We currently have a couple of people who are willing to take on a couple days at a time and we would consider anyone who is willing to do the same thing.  The important thing is that we would need to make sure that everyone is working together to help each other to have every session properly covered.  I am able to help as well, but need to keep on top of my own work to keep the office running smoothly as well.

The Dance Coordinator(s) is(are) paid a small honourarium of $35 per festival session (ie, morning or afternoon or evening worked.  On 3 session days, lunch might be provided as lunch will depend on COVID Restrictions.

Their job would entail:

       *        getting writers

  •        getting at least one adult for each competitive session
  •        overseeing workshops on-site registration and check in of pre-registered dancers 
  •        overseeing technique Class check-in of pre-registered dancers only
  •        assigning jobs to school volunteers

Also still require a LEAD Registrar who will be paid a small honourarium and will work in conjunction with the Dance and Music Registrars.

Their job would entail:

     *          keeping the General and Day to Day Operations of the Festival Going throughout the Year

The following is a rough Description of work

  •       prepare Festival Software for new Festival Year by late October
  •       organizing all the download data into the Festival Software after the Entry Deadlines on November 28 and December 1 are complete
  •       checking all entries for accuracy and following through with studio contact with their registrations
  •       setting performance schedules and preparing rough program for layout personnel to add the advertising and then follow through with this to the designated print shop.
  •      Getting schedules out to everyone involved as coordinators so that they can get their volunteers in place
  •      preparing adjudication sheets and Certificates for both Dance and Music if other Dance & Music Registrars need assitance
  •      During the month of Festival collecting marks, placements, etc. and placing all information into festival software
  •      Organizing both Dance and Music Honours Concerts
  •      Secure dates for upcoming Festival
  •      work in conjunction with Festival Chair to make sure various committee meetings take place in April, summer, September and November
  •      get information from adjudicators and teachers about adjudicators for upcoming year and proceed to confirm their interest for the upcoming season.  Then ask for their bio and headshot by the end of June
  •      make any syllabus changes by June 30 
  •      double check where trophies can be dropped off
  •      start to solicit program advertising for upcoming year
  •      Send out discipline syllabuses by late September along with information on on-line registration usage
  •      email trophy returns to studios and teachers by mid-October

Please give this some serious thought as we need this position(s) filled as soon as possible.

Thanks, Laurie Hirschman

[email protected] or 604-858-3147

For all disciplines, dance and music,

there are might be special Rules in Place

Please read the rules carefully and look for changes as they occur closer to festival dates. 

Check out Provincial Syllabus 2024                


SEE rule #7 on page 55 of syllabus 2024


The CMDF is a self-supporting, non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and empowering young dancers and musicians to excel in their chosen discipline. Our members are all volunteers.  Some are Lions members, and many others are dedicated community people who are also interested in the artistic development of young people.  We have been part of Chilliwack for 77 years and celebrating our 77th ANNUAL FESTIVAL in 2024.


Please click here for online registration for Dance.  Deadline November 28, 2023

Now open to Music.

Please click here for online registration for Music.  Deadline December 1, 2023. 

All inquires contact Laurie Hirschman at [email protected] 

For Both sites, if you are a studio with multiple teachers, please register all your participants under studio director or owner ONLY.  This is to simplify the registraion process for our office.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR THIS.

If new to on-line or first time entry to our Festival, please contact [email protected] to have instruction sheets emailed to you, so that you are aware of the whole process that is available to you or phone Laurie at 604-858-3147 to obtain them. 

The following might not available for 2024 Festival, due to COVID Restrictions, you will be advised closer to Festival time:

Delivery of programs:  For non-local studios and teachers you will be mailed a voucher for picking up your program when the festival begins at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre.  You may pick them up at the Festival Desk from February 17th onward.

As per normal, All local studios and teachers will be available through the Chilliwack Academy of Music on or about January 30th.  (an email will be sent when these are ready for pickup)

Read the following CAREFULLY for 2024 Festival as Online Registration may have changed slightly, due to COVID Restrictions:

For Dance Only on-line Registrations by e-transfer when requested or by cheque dated November 28, 2023 and then mailed to CLCMDF, C/O 48185 Ryder Lake Road, Chilliwack, B.C.  V4Z 1E3 and do not forget to include your $25 Mandatory Registration Fee on site (Dance #9925A and Music #9925B) and all Teacher Data Sheets still need to be emailed by November 28, 2023 to [email protected].   This is to help make sure all your entries are entered correctly.

For Music Only on-line Registration by e-transfer when requested or by cheque dated December 1, 2023 and then mailed to CLCMDF, C/O 48185 Ryder Lake Road, Chilliwack, B.C.  V4Z 1E3 and do not forget to include your $25 Mandatory Registration Fee on site (Dance #9925A and Music #9925B) and all Teacher Data Sheets still need to be emailed by December 1, 2023 to [email protected].   This is to help make sure all your entries are entered correctly.  

All entries both Dance and Music may be paid for by e-transfer or by cheque and be dropped off Monday to Thursday at the Chilliwack Academy of Music Office (604-792-0790 for office hours) located at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre at 9201 Corbould Street in Chilliwack till November 28, 2023 for Dance and December 1, 2023 for Music, Festival Entry Deadline.  In this case the Envelope should be to the Attention of LAURIE HIRSCHMAN.


Very Important Volunteer Help Needed in a big way!

We Urgently need 2 Dance Co-ordinators; 1 for Acro, Tap, Stage and Song & Dance and also 1 for Ballet and Modern. Also needed for Music is 1 Vocal Co-ordinator. Small per diem honourarium is available!!!


For more Info. Contact Lesley Ward #604-799-0821 or [email protected] or Contact Laurie Hirschman @ 604-858-3147 or [email protected]


We also need 1 or two people to assist with Registrations. Small honourarium also available for this assistance. For more info. Contact Laurie Hirschman @ 604-858-3147 or [email protected]

Interested in helping in other ways?

Are you interested in supporting our music & dance students? We need you! A festival this size needs lots of volunteers from selling tickets, taking tickets at the door, working backstage with organizing the dancers, writing for our adjudicators, to assisting in set-up and take down at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre! If you can help in any way, please contact Delia Davies at 604-795-4780 or [email protected]